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Black Sesame Seed Peanut Butter Cookies, round 2


This was the second time I’ve made these cookies, and again, they were cute and delicious. This time I made them a little larger, but kept the recipe the same. Even with the increase in size, they still had those lovely crinkles on top after baking, which is maybe my favorite part (but really, there’s so much to love in this one little round cookie!). As a super-peanut butter-fan, I couldn’t stop eating the dough, and then the baked cookies. I also heard that some non-peanut butter-fans couldn’t stop eating them either. So that just proves that they are GOOD, and besides that they are easy and gluten-free and pretty looking, and all of that makes them extremely hard to resist. Yum.


Cake Balls


I had left-over marbled cake pieces and white cream cheese frosting from constructing my Camera Cake, and at that time I didn’t know what to do with them…I ended up freezing the cake and refrigerating the frosting, and a week or so later, I figured out the perfect solution for too much cake: Make Cake Balls! I had heard of them before, and thought they were a little silly, but when I read about them on The Pioneer Woman blog, I became enthralled; I decided they would actually be good…So I whipped up a batch using my left-over cake and frosting.

Basically you just put pieces of cake in your food processor and mix until it’s uniformly crumby, and then mix in frosting till it’s smooth and roll-able. You roll it into balls with your hands, and place the balls on parchment or wax paper. Freeze these balls for at least 2 hours till they’re good and hardened. Then you want to dip them in melted dark chocolate and drizzled some more chocolate on top for aesthetic purposes, and refrigerated the balls overnight to make sure they had a thick crisp outer shell. They were not just “good” but amazing! They looked like truffles, but had a great surprise…With a hard and crunchy exterior, and moist sweet cakey inside that nearly melted in your mouth, these balls were out of this world! I loved them. It was really hard to stop myself from eating hundreds of them, but I exercised as much restraint and willpower as I could muster.

The directions are very easy to follow and totally up for interpretation (I made mine vegan so I couldn’t use the chocolate bark, but used semi-sweet dark chocolate instead). This was a fabulous way to use up extra cake, but could also be made from scratch with a regular cake recipe by baking a whole cake first before crumbling it up. Any flavor cake and frosting will work, and you could coat the outsides of the balls with different kinds of chocolate (dark, white, colored-white chocolate, etc.), for whatever effect you are going for.

And, I cannot emphasize enough how much I think you should make them! Now!


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