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Cocovado Ice Cream


I’m cheating a little because I had no part of the making of this ice cream, except for the original idea and the tasting of the sweet cream before it was frozen. My brother Jesse made it, combining the rich avocado and coconut cream together with what I thought was the perfect amount of orange juice tying it all together. He thought he would add less orange juice next time in order to taste the avocado better, but I think the citrus adds a lot in complexity to the otherwise simple recipe.

Tara’s review is that the ice cream was incredibly creamy, and would have been perfect sandwiched between two dark chocolate cookies.

A few weeks ago, Tara sent me their basic vegan ice cream recipe, and I was shocked by how delightfully easy it was. They had tried many other recipes with agar agar and arrowroot and cooking the coconut milk, etc., etc., and they liked this the best, because it tasted freshest. She’s right, it is a simple recipe, but I think that’s what makes it taste so good. The taste of every ingredient really stands out. It’s very nice for summertime.

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