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Pineapple Coconut Sorbet


Mmm! Tara made another kind of ice cream! This time it was a super refreshing, definitely summer-celebratory, creamy, and delicious sorbet. The idea was inspired by two different events. Last week, we went to a wonderful cafe in The Hague that had great smoothies and sandwiches. We went after yoga, so clearly a hydrating and fruity smoothie was needed! I ordered a pineapple coconut smoothie, and it was amazing! Super rich from the coconut milk, with a super sweet yet tangy bite from the pineapple. I was in heaven! So that was the first event…When we got home, we realized that we had a few pineapples left over from our trip to the market the previous week (have I mentioned how amazing and bountiful the market that Jesse and Tara go to is? It is really insane with tons of people all over the place in this outdoor produce/clothing/everything market, and you can get pounds and pounds of vegetables and fruits for very cheap! One of our trips resulted in 35 pounds of produce for only 15 euro! Amazing). So we needed something to do with our left-over pineapple, and making a sorbet using my smoothie ingredients sounded perfect for the hot weather we were having. Tara used her stand-by recipe, but used pureed fresh pineapple instead of the fresh orange juice. This is a very simple recipe, using few ingredients, and so you can taste both the fresh pineapple and the coconut very clearly. We topped ours with chopped roasted cashews. Yum!

1 cup of coconut cream
1 cup fresh pureed pineapple
3/4 cup superfine sugar

Blend all ingredients together. It should have the consistency of a thick smoothie. Then you simply place this mixture in an ice cream maker, and follow your ice cream maker’s manufacturer’s instructions. Remember that there is no setting agent, so this ice cream does melt quickly! Don’t worry though, this recipe makes only about 4 servings, and you won’t be able to stop eating it so there won’t be much to save…


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